Summertime Wild Bird Feeding

Did you know that feeding wild birds is one of the most popular hobbies in America?

Summer is a great time to feed your feathered friends in your garden! You see them in full bloom, your garden is filled with activity and you also see how they nurture their family. It is fun for all ages! All you need to get started is a bird feeder and bird seed.

Bird feeder pick

There are many types of wild bird feeders: ground, hanging, nectar, hopper, suit, tube, and platform, just to name a few. They cost from $ 3.00 to $ 100.00. However, if you are new to feeding wild birds. I suggest you start with an inexpensive seed feeder and watering can. Seed diets attract more types of birds than other diets.

If you want to start feeding birds on a budget, try Gadjit Soda Bottle Bird Feeder Kit. The kits are inexpensive and otherwise plastic soda bottles may be discarded. The line also has a water source to provide water source to birds.

Tips for feeding birds in summer

Keep your bird feeders in shady areas. This will help the birds to remain calm and reduce seed spoilage.

1. If you want to attract wild birds to your yard… keep cats indoors. Since many birds build nests in the summer season, you want to protect the baby birds that can get out of the nest.

2. Minimize birds that kill their windows by keeping feeders away from windows and using anti-reflective stickers on windows.

3. Do not forget the water! To make a backyard habitat for our flying friends, make sure they have a water source. Use water canning or bird bath and try to keep the water clean.

Some of the best summer bird foods

You can buy birds at wild bird stores, grocery stores, pet stores, home improvement stores and garden centers. Offering a wide range of bird foods will attract a wide variety of bird species for its feeders.

Different bird seeds attract different types of birds.

Fruit – Attracts Summer Songs

Jelly – Woodpecker, American Robin, Attracts Oroles

Amrit – attracts birds

Mealworms – attracts bluebirds, wrens, warblers

Peanut Suit – Woodpecker attracts chickens and the like

Thistle (nyjer) – charm and pinch

Now sit back and enjoy the “air show” in your own backyard!

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