How To Help Save Lions With Lion Shirts

Most people are unaware that the population of lions in Africa is rapidly decreasing. 2000 years ago, more than 1 million lions roamed the Earth. Since the 1940s, when the number of lions was estimated at 450,000, populations across Africa have been virtually wiped out. Recent reports of lion numbers estimate that there are only 20,000 animals left in the area.

There are several reasons for the dramatic decline in numbers due to human development in these areas. Sometimes it comes down to eating farmers who protect their animals from lions. In addition, poaching and canned hunting are occurring throughout Africa.

In addition, there are many countries around the world that are involved in trading and keeping illegal lions. These lions can be treated brutally and used for circus and zoo recreation. In many countries they are not regulated and many animals suffer from them.

The important message here is that these numbers will keep decreasing until changes are introduced on the ground. There are many ways by which humans can support lions. A general organization search can give rise to some excellent options. An organization that supports lions and has an extensive scientific research team that needs more funding is Panthera. He founded ‘Project Leonardo’ to help increase the number of lions in Africa and help local people solve the lion problem through education rather than exterminating lions.

The main goal of Panthera set by him is to increase the number of lions by 150% in the next 15 years. For this reason they need all the help they can get, so support them in any way.

There are other organizations that are helping raise awareness and funding for lion conservation in a more consumer-friendly way. Many clothing brands are beginning to donate some of their profits to charity. So it is important to always look for clothing companies or mention it elsewhere, so that you can help without any extra effort. The goal of these companies is to spread awareness through their brand and hopefully it will remind people who wear them and contact them about the issue.

It is hoped that these organizations, charities or clothing brands can be supported by the support of the common people and will start bringing back powerful lions from the brink of extinction in Africa. We do not want to repeat the Cecil of the Lion, and we do not want another majestic creature to be removed from our planet. Let’s stay together and end the decline of lions all over the planet!

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