Distinctions Between Megabats and Microbats

Do you know that there are two types of bats in the world? this is true! All bats can be placed in one of two categories: Microchiroptera or Megachiroptera. These are colloquially known as “megabats” and “microbeats”. Read on to find out the main differences and differences between them, including their appearance, diet, accommodation, and more!


Microchiroptera or microbeats are small in size and have large ears. Most are 8 to 16 inches in length and many are as small as 3/8 to fit through an opening. They are acoustic mammals, which means that they use an inherent biological sonar system that emits ultrasonic sounds that bounce off nearby objects and return to the bat. Micros are not blind, but echolocation helps them dart and dive more accurately for night hunting.

In terms of nutrition, microorganisms mainly eat insects; But some larger species eat smaller fishes, rodents, birds and amphibians. Three distinct species consume the blood of other animals, mainly livestock and birds. These include the common vampire bats (Des Modus rotundas), the hairy vampire bats (Diphia elaudata) and the white-winged vampire bats. But don’t worry; They do not drink human blood!

When it comes to habitat, microbeats live in a temperate climate and usually sleep in hollowed out trees, abandoned mines, caves, and even residential and commercial buildings (especially attics!).


Megachiprotera is very large in size and is also known as “Flying Fox”, “Fruitbats” and “Old World Fruit Bats”. This is mainly due to their fruit eating and nectar nutrition, which mainly includes fruits, nectar and pollen. Some species are known to eat some insects, but their diet mainly includes nectar and pollen from fruits and flowers. Therefore, this bat suborder does not use or maintain echolocating skills. However, they have a keen sense of smell that helps them find food sources, as well as modified teeth that are strong enough to bite through fruit peels.

It is easy to distinguish Mega from Micro in appearance. Fruit bats not only have large eyes and visual cortex, they also lack a tail. However, microbeats do not have a claw on the second finger of the front foot of the megabats. Megabats live in warm, tropical and subtropical regions of the world. You are unlikely to see wildflower bats living in the forests of the Midwestern United States. They prefer warm, humid and humid environments, such as rainforests and coastal areas, and they usually make their sleep in trees, shrubs, and caves.

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